Pole Barn Windows

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The Columbia Series 3700 Sliding (Rolling) Aluminum Pole Barn Windows with J-Channel is designed for use in post frame building construction or in standard single dwelling or multi-family units.



General: The Columbia Series 3700 aluminum pole barn window HS-R20 shall comply and bear the quality certification label in accordance with the ANSI/AAMA Certification Program 101/85.

Material: Window frames and sash members shall be of 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy within commercial tolerances. Integral fins to have suitable break-off and nailing grooves.

Finish: Windows to be finished in natural aluminum extruded mill finish. Bronze or white acrylic electrostatically applied enamel finish available if specified.

Construction: All joints of frame and sash members shall be neatly fitted, securely connected and permanently watertight. Frames shall have step point construction for maximum rigidity. Both frames and sash members shall use an extruded screw boss that is an integral part of the extruded section. The operating sash shall interlock at both meeting rail and sill. The operating sash shall be easily removable from inside and not removable when in locked position.

Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping shall be silicon treated, fungus, mildew, and moth resistant high performance poly bond fin seal around the complete perimeter of the operating sash with a permanent poly fin in the middle of the poly pile to minimize air infiltration. Vertical stiles are weatherstripped. The poly pile weatherstripping shall use a poly bond backing to insure against shrinkage.

Hardware: Aluminum window shall be factory equipped with an automatic lock made of non-corrosive material.

Screens: Screens shall be available on all windows and shall be installed or removed from inside. Screen frames shall be aluminum sections securely joined at the corners. Screen cloth shall be 18×16 mesh fiberglass.

Installation: All aluminum pole barn windows shall be set in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations without springing, forcing, or distorting. Head and sill shall be aligned parallel and square with jambs. A non-hardening sealant compatible with aluminum shall be provided by the window erector, and applied in sufficient quantity to provide a watertight seal between window and surrounding construction. Manufacturer assumes no liability for damage by the trades or final cleaning of aluminum.

Glazing: All aluminum pole barn windows shall be glazed with clear ½” dual insulated glass, set in a butyal tape and secured with vinyl glazing bead (inside glaze). Also available bronze tinted glass muntin bars between the glass at an extra cost. The insulated glass shall be manufactured under the trade name “thermo cell” and shall meet or exceed ASTM E 773-83 and ASTM E 774-84A Class A.

Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty


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