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The Columbia Series M-1200 Sliding Glass aluminum patio storm door combine generous construction and design features for years of comfort, low noise and security. It’s the patio storm door you’ll be proud to own.

The M-1200 sliding patio storm door keeps out the cold and noise to ensure maximum comfort. It provides the beauty and long life of aluminum while offering outstanding craftsmanship. This versatile storm door system allows added security when mounted over existing patio doors.

Sliding Glass Doors: Completely fabricated at the factory and shipped KD. Carton includes all components, hardware and screws for assembly.

Material: Main frame and panel members are extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T5. Screw fasteners are zinc-plated per ASTM specifications A-164-71 or A-165-71.

Frame: The frame consists of a head, sill and jambs designed for joining with two screws at each corner. Weatherstripping: All panels are double weather-stripped to ensure a tight seal and minimize air infiltration.

Hardware: Pull and latch set are sturdy. Door locks securely, and operates easily. Finish: Doors are available in white, bronze.

Glazing: Panels may be glazed with 1/8″, 5/32″ or 5/8″ glass with glazing vinyl specified by purchaser. Note: glazing must be in accordance with ANSI Z-97-1-1972 and FS DD-G-140A.

Installation: Assembly and installation shall be done in accordance with good standard construction practices. Doors may be installed with mounting fin to the inside or outside, depending on the particular job, with panel arrangement as desired.

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