Browse Columbia’s Aluminum Storm Door Products

Whether your goal is to brighten your view with a full glass aluminum storm door, offer enhanced ventilation with a screen-and-glass combination, or add an extra element of security to the face of your entry way, Columbia’s aluminum storm doors will accomplish your goals with a combination of savvy design and flexible functionality.

When you’re choosing an aluminum storm door product, here are some important things to consider:

1. Hanging features.  All Columbia aluminum storm doors are pre-hung for easy installation.

2. Color. What color will work best with the exterior of your home? Columbia offers aluminum storm doors in a variety of colors including white, sandstone, bronze, and black.

3. Size. Is your door opening a standard size, or will you require the manufacture of a custom door product to fit your needs?

4. Viewing features. Columbia offers both full-view and self-storing aluminum storm door options so you can have complete control over the form and function of your storm door.

Columbia Aluminum Storm Door Features:

–All standard sized doors are glazed with tempered safety glass.

–Special sized aluminum storm doors are glazed with special tempered safety glass or acrylic glass.

–Each of our aluminum storm doors can be manufactured as French Doors.

–All of our aluminum storm doors are sold with a heavy duty closer and wind check chain.

–Each of our aluminum storm doors have an adjustable expander.

–Our King-One Lite aluminum storm door can have a beveled cut tempered glass insert.

–Each of our aluminum storm doors have 4 extruded aluminum corner gusset for extra strength.

–Each of our aluminum storm doors have a unique pull handle concept with improved function.

–Each of our aluminum storm doors have a minimum of four concealed metal bearing hinges per door.


Complete Aluminum Storm Door Product Line