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The Columbia Series 1510 vinyl window is an affordable fully welded vinyl window system designed with both the homebuilder and the homeowner in mind. Easily installed, these windows are exceptionally durable, require little or no maintenance, are simple to clean and enhance a home’s energy efficiency.

The Columbia Series 1510 vinyl picture windows and decorative shapes offer great design flexibility along with the benefits of fusion welded frames. These units work equally well when matched and mulled with other Series 1500 products, or as stand-alone units. Custom configurations are readily available as well as integral J-channel.

The Columbia Series 1510 vinyl window is a high quality affordable choice for new construction or replacement windows.

Scope: Furnish and install all vinyl windows of the type and size shown on the drawings and called for in the specification including all necessary hardware, anchors, and trim where noted.

General: Windows shall be fiberlux series 1510 vinyl window.

Material: All frame and sash members shall be manufactured of extruded, high-impact-resistant, UV stabilized, rigid virgin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with nominal .070″ masterframe and .065″ sash members. Frame members shall be of multi-chambered design. Sill shall contain an internal weepage system for efficient water drainage to the exterior. All exposed weather-stripping, hardware and fasteners shall be stainless steel, aluminum, nylon or other suitable material compatible with rigid PVC. Frame members shall have pre-punched integral 1 ¼” nailer fins.

Construction: All masterframe and sash members shall be miter-cut and fusion-welded. Double-hung sash units shall be the tilt-type. The window shall incorporate fin-type weatherstripping inserted into designed grooves and have continuous contact with frame members when in a closed position.

Glazing: Nominal 7/8″ insulating glass shall be double-pane and hermetically sealed meeting ASTM C1036 and ASTM E774 level C or higher standards. The sash shall be inside-bead glazed with foam tape on the exterior glazing leg.

Hardware: The operating sash shall have an interlocking rail to provide engagement with each other when fully closed. A meeting rail cam lock and keeper will be provided to lock the window in a closed position. Double hung operating sash shall be equipped with counterbalancing mechanisms to hold the sash stationary in any open position meeting AAMA 902.2. Balances shall be equipped with brass wheels and stainless steel axles contained in a nylon housing. They shall be field-adjustable and easily replaced with use of normal hand tools.

Finish: All window members shall have an integral white color throughout the profile. (An option of Almond color is also available) Insect screens: All operating vents shall be designed to receive screens. Screen frames to be extruded aluminum with baked enamel color to be compatible with PVC frames. 18″x16″ fiberglass cloth meeting ASTM D3656 shall be secured to the frame using a vinyl spline. Screens shall be retained by the integral beveled tubular PVC screen track.

Insect screens are not for the purpose of providing security or providing for retention of objects or persons from the interior.

Erection and Caulking (by others): All units shall be adequately and securely fastened plumb, level and square without distortion, twisting, bowing or springing of frame members. All frame members shall be properly supported, shimmed, and leveled along their entire length. All units shall be properly caulked using a good grade of non-hardening caulking that is compatible with PVC and the surface it is mounted on to provide a thoroughly water-tight seal meeting AAMA 808.3. The masterframe is to be installed square with the operating sash. The sash should be operated and the masterframe should be given any necessary final adjustment to insure proper operation and weather-tightness.

Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty