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Vinyl Garden Windows

Columbia Comfort Series 3000 vinyl garden windows add beauty to your home with its stylish design and value with its insulating features and low maintenance.


  • Rigid PVC construction, no rust, corrosion, flaking or peeling. Low maintenance.
  • Insulated glass, hollow chambered frame save energy.
  • Vertical sliding windows for cross ventilation.
  • Double fin seal weather stripping to keep the heat in and cold out or vice versa.
  • Center rack for your plants.
  • Rigid aluminum frame screens keep insects out.
  • Internal frame drainage system.
  • Strong fusion welded, mitered corners.
  • Vinyl frame greatly reduces moisture build up common to aluminum framed windows.


  • Garden Window Color Options: White or Tan.
  • Overall glass thickness 3/4″.
  • Dead air space 1/2″ between glass.
  • Projection 16″
  • Heavy duty insulated seat board.


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